litespeedanalytics dashboard

LiteSpeed Analytics

Track your visitors in real-time, without compromising their privacy. Members can quickly get started and integrate a small script to their websites.  The snippet code is very small.  BunnyCDN services are used to deliver our small javascript code.  When comparing other analytical scripts to ours, we have the advantage of speed.  Our small script takes around 100 milliseconds to deliver …

virtual business cards

ContactMe Cards

Digital Business Cards are easy to create and share.  Features offered at are: QR Code Social Media Links Click on Call Send Message Analytics Schedule Appointments Various Templates  

SEO Website Tools

SEO Website tools can help webmasters or any online site rank higher in search engines.  Online sites can add meta data to complement focused messages. Features include: Developers API Data Export Structured Data Content Length Load Time Title Tag Security and more in-depth SEO analysis Registered sites can publish their results or keep it private. Large sites can upload sitemaps …

JobPost Professional Opportunities

JobPost – Professional Job Board Opportunities

Job Board for Professionals featuring Digital Nomad Opportunities is a Moderated Job Board delivering high quality job seekers and employers. Currently, is in its initial startup. JobPost is a niche driven job board.  Selective niche in the digital and remote market are featured and promoted.  Other types of job opportunities are allowed pending moderator approval.  Job Seekers and …

Asian School

The primary objective at Asian.School is to provide English Second Language (ESL) services.  The platform features filtering options allowing students to select their ideal instructors. Anyone that would like to teach English to foreigners can apply. Many tools are available to create interactive content.  The support site at Go! Asian School features H5P and many other resources to embed or …


Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibility The terms above are the focus of this community-based site.  Membership is required to post and engage in the PLURR Community. There are two PLURR sites offered. offers a social platform for like-minded people to post PLURR related topics.  A marketplace is available to Pro Members.  Occasional contests are posted to give back rewards …


Primary site is located at Marketplace available at The main site offers specialized agriculture products.  Current products include organic fertilizers. The marketplace site will allow growers to sell their products.  Sellers here will provide herbal and advanced equipment for hydroponics.